I got my T-Mobile G-1! Mini review…

So I got my G-1 on Monday from UPS. I had preordered back on the day the preorder went live. I got the black one. I have to say I like it quite a bit. It’s definitely a step up in hardware from my Pearl I was using before. Only minor annoyances so far, mostly the lack of on-screen keyboard that everyone else has mentioned and on my first day bringing it to work it didn’t last the whole day, so the battery life is a little on the short side. 3G performance was good at work up in Seattle, but sadly, doesn’t extend very far south down here to Tacoma.

Now about Android, its quick, looks good, and the notifier tray is the coolest thing ever. You can access it anytime, and get an idea of what E-Mails, texts or calls you may have missed. Other programs can also use the notifier area, although I haven’t seen any yet. Now that brings up the Market, one of the selling points for Android. It’s market will be mostly unrestricted with developers not having to get their apps certified before they’re posted. And for the moment, it’s all FREE!

On monday the Market was stripped so that was a bit of a bummer, but most of the Apps are back now. ShopSavvy and Shazam are the coolest so far. ShopSavvy is one of the few barcode scanning shopping programs on the Market, but it works great, quickly and will even set up an E-Mail notifier to tell you when a product you want is below a set price. Shazam will listen to whatever song you’re listening to and then figure out what it is and provide links to the Amazon MP3 store, the artist’s MySpace or Youtube. 

I can’t make much comparison to the iPhone since I haven’t really used one, but compared to the iPod Touch I have used, most everything on the G-1 works about as smoothly as on the Touch, which is pretty impressive. Overall I’m really excited to have an actual cool phone on T-Mobile.


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I like to take pictures as much as possible. I live in Auburn, WA.
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